Water Slides / Combos

For all Water items a deposit of $100 will be needed to complete your reservation, the deposit will go towards your reservation, but it is not refundable if you cancel.

Maximize the fun time with these hand-picked Water Slide Combos.

All our Water Slide Combos are custom-built. You will not find them anywhere else.
They showcase various sizes, colors, and entertainment options, such as obstacles, basketball hoops, stairs, double slides, and much more!

Still, trying to decide what to order? Then, contact us at (619) 823-3896, and our team of friendly representatives will assist you in picking the best option for your party!


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  1. Happy Bounce Water Slide combo (SkU CW284)

    The Blue, Yеllоw аnd Purple Happy Bounce Water Slide Combo iѕ going to be the center of attention аnу event оr раrtу. Your children will enjoy thе сlimb feature to gо down the water slide.

  2. 3 in 1 unicorn water slide combo (SKU W287)

    The Unicorn 3 In One Water Slide is here to make any birthday party a dream come true. This inflatable Water Slide features a lovely Unicorn design right on the top part of the entrance, rainbow designs, and four yellow-colored stars on the four top corners.

  3. Dual Tropical Water Slide Combo (SKU w288)

    What a fantastic way for children to have fun. Either a birthday party or any other type of celebration will be guaranteed to be fun with our Dual Tropical Water Slide Combo.
    Let's start the race down this water slide. Tropical design featuring blue waves, palm trees with green leaves, any birthday party, or children celebration is sure to enjoy this wonder.

  4. Dual Lane Fire & Ice Water Slide Combo (SKU w289)

    Jump For Adan's great Fire and Ice Combo Water Slide is the perfect water slide to make this summer or any special event a memorable time for the little ones. So if you want to bring fun and activities for the kids, this is a great choice.

  5. 3 in 1 Dual lane castle Water Combo (sku W298)

    Our new 3 in 1 Dual lane castle water combo is as fun as it seems, perfectly designed to make any child jump in it. Get this 3 in 1 Dual lane castle water combo to inсоrроrаtе fun activities as well as enjoyment for your kids.

  6. Purple Crush Combo (sku W299)

    This truly amazing Hawaiian Purple Crush Water Slide Combo provides you with a double Water Slide, Jumper Area,and lots of room for the little ones to have fun this summer!

  7. Dual Lane Pink Jumper Water Slide (sku W302)

    Have double fun with double lanes! Make your next celebration entertaining and joyful with this amazing Dual lane pink jumper water slide (sku W302), and fill your leisure time with hours of excitement! So get ready to experience plenty of space for laughter-filled activities.
  8. Large Dual Lane Castle Water Slide (sku W303)

    Treat your guests with excitement for the upcoming part or events with this joyful Large Dual Lane Castle Water Slide (sku W303). We understand how valuable your kids' leisure time is, so get this now, to bring fun-loving activities for your kid's playtime.
  9. Large Dual lane 4 in 1 Pink Castle (sku W307)

    Bring joy and excitement to your kid's party and let them have the time of their lives with this Large Dual lane 4 in 1 Pink Castle (sku W307). Let your kids enjoy themselves with their friends as they climb, jump, slide and cheer their way to pure enjoyment.

  10. Dual Lane Big Top Water Slide Combo (sku W309)

    The Dual Lane Big Top Water Slide features two slide lanes, which allows two participants to race each other down to the splash pool at the bottom.

  11. 4 in 1 Tropical Tsunami Combo Waters Slide (sku W310)

    If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to cool off on a hot summer day, the 4-in-1 Tropical Tsunami Combo Water Slide is the perfect choice. This massive slide is sure to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

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