Pink Castle Dual Water Slide For Rent in San Diego (sku w437)

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Enjoy one of our brand new Pink Castle Dual Slide Water Jumper! Packed with even more features that similar jumpers. Plus, you get a unique castle theme with pink, yellow, and blue colors! Recently rated as one of our top jumpers for this summer. Note that this is not a small jumper by any means, it's quite a large jumper that it's simply the perfect choice for large parties or events. 

Hold your horses - here it comes this super fun and exciting castle themed jumper that has more features than other similar jumpers of its kind. Packed with more space, taller slides, and combines a unique set of colors, stairs and one feature that makes it one of a kind: a landing water slide pool!

Features: - 4 High Castle Tower Configuration - 100+ Square Feet of jumping space - Landing Pool that you can fill with water! - Designated Jumping Area - Mesh Windows on Jumper - Dual Stairs - Dual Slides - Slide Safety Mesh It's simply the best and most affordable jumper for this summer for any birthday party or event with a princess style theme.


Length     40ft

Width      10ft

Height     18ft


Length     42ft

Width       12ft

Height      20ft

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