Bouncer Rental Guide and Best Practices

Bouncers are inflatable kid magnets; they are undoubtedly a child’s all-time favorite attraction. Playtime has an interesting twist whenever a bouncer becomes a part of the adventure. No child should have to go through life without experiencing the amazing wonders of a bouncer. They make the perfect addition to any event catering to child amusement and entertainment. Even adults who like to reconnect with their inner child are intrigued by the inflated wonders. You will see children bouncing on these structures, having the time of their lives, it’s absolutely magical.


Bouncer rental is a topic often surrounded with questions about how well these bouncers are cleaned and prepared for the next usage. Also, concerns are raised about the products being used and if precautions are being taken to ensure child safety. When renting a bouncer, you need to be confident that you are getting a child friendly bouncer that is clean, not worn out, and is not leaking air. You may also want to use a bouncer rental company that provides an attendant to monitor the proceedings and properly setting up the device is always a must. Throughout this article I will attempt to show you the best methods of renting a bouncer.


Planning: Things to do Before Visiting a Bouncer Dealer

This phase is the most important; a good plan is usually in tandem with a favorable outcome. As you plan, keep in mind the following things:

  1. The event and theme: If order is important to you then this is a must. You want the whole event to be something you’re proud of. Everything must be well organized. You want to select a bouncer that is best suited for your gathering. If you need it for your child’s birthday party, you will need a bouncer rental that is age appropriate. Decide whether or not you want water to be a part of the fun. Keep in mind the theme as it pertains to color code or a feature that you would like to be standing out. For example, if your child is a big fan of Walt Disney productions and you would like to put a big smile on his or her face by showcasing characters from their favorite cartoon, getting a bouncer highlighting such characters is an awesome way to do that. So, definitely identify the theme and be guided accordingly. 
  1. Venue & Space to be utilized: Know what you are working with in terms of location and space. Not everyone will have enough space at home to accommodate a party, in such a case you will need to rent a space or borrow one. In any scenario, you need to know to what extent you can utilize the space. Knowing this will enable you to choose a bouncer size most convenient for your party and the area where it will be placed. Based on the location of the occasion, you may want to stick to bouncer companies within the neighborhood just to facilitate an easier commute during the transaction. The shorter the distance between the bouncer dealer location and the location of the event, the less likely a mishap will happen causing a delay. A longer distance may also end up making the bouncer rental more costly.
  2. Number and age group of guests: It is important to keep in mind the number of guests you intend to cater to, especially those of whom will be deemed eligible to jump in the bouncer. More than one bouncer may be rented to cater to a more diverse crowd. Consider the general age group that the event is geared towards in order to guide your selection of a bouncer. Some bouncers are specifically made for younger children to use, while others for older children and adults.


  1. Your budget: The all-important budget should never be neglected; consider your budget with every step you intend to take, make a list of all the equipment and supplies you will need. If you think for one second that a quoted price for a certain bouncer is extending outside of the margins of your budget, walk away. Make sure to explore all of your options. Be prepared to be thrifty and shop around. You may very well find a well-deserved bargain waiting for you! Patience is a virtue that will come in handy in situations like these. If you believe a dealer is being too unreasonable, ask for a discount. Keep an open mind and don’t settle if you are not happy with the options or pricing, there is always another company that can help with your bouncer rental.


Types of Bouncers


Due to advances in technology and creativity there are many bouncers to choose from.  Some models are standard, while there are also more primitive ones. Others are quite simple and then there are more modern versions that are quite complex and alluring in design. Most of us will be comfortable with the standard models; they are all about bouncing and will generally feature one to three bright colors. Some middle aged adults would have spent their happiest childhood moments in one of them. Such models are still used today mostly for general entertainment. The more complex models have added dimensions that are more appealing to the eyes. They are more colorful with art children can identify with; they may depict beautiful scenery from a coloring book or feature characters from a child’s favorite cartoon or animation. For example, popular cartoon characters like Dora and Boots, Elsa and Anna, or Patrick and Sponge Bob, just to name a few. Additionally, they have escaped the generic rectangle of the past and now they come in various shapes and forms to enhance aesthetics and entice the heart of the child. The most complex models allow for more fun in one bouncer, this type is divided into sections that allows for different experiences. For instance, a particular model may carry three compartments, one just for bouncing, another for climbing and one for water sliding. Talk about diversity! This is a fabulous fantasy for any fun-loving kid. Here is a more detailed breakdown of each bouncer type:

Moon Bouncers and Combos


These marked the commencement of the bouncer era; they are easy to find as they are one of the most popular inflatable units. The desires of various renters are likely to be met by these units as they come in styles and shapes that are quite diverse. With the growth of the bouncer industry over the years, the interest of many patrons/renters have been shifted to more sophisticated bouncer models, thus these earlier designs have become underrated. People have become increasingly fascinated by the more advanced and interactive bouncers. A combo unit would be an awesome selection for any renter, especially first timers. They are a combination of the traditional moon bouncer, possibly a slide and another interactive component.


Mini Combos and Play Centers


Mini combos are particularly suited for young children in the age group of three to seven years. They are not as tall as other bouncers; they are typically less than eight feet tall. Inflatable business owners who operate in the Midwest or on the East Coast may find them to be quite valuable. Indoor usage is accommodated because of their height; they can be set up in garages, basements, attics, and other areas of preference such as the living or dining area. The possibilities of placement location are more varied with these models. Bouncer lovers who celebrate their birthdays during the winter months do not need to feel left out of the fun and adventure as these bouncers are especially equipped to cater to their peculiar needs. This bouncer can always be featured at their birthday parties when it’s snowing outside. These units are the money makers of certain bouncer companies during the slow winter months. They are light weight and easily portable. Some renters are very capable of doing the assembly on their own; it’s so much easier to handle compared to other types. Renters are likely to market these units to institutions catering to the development of young children, such as local preschools and nearby daycare centers, as they can easily be positioned in a classroom. Renting to schools on weekdays and then to families for parties on the weekends is a strategy used by bouncer dealers to ensure cash inflow. Play centers are other units that can also be used indoors. Such bouncer types are equipped with interactive components, such as obstacles and a slide that accompany the bouncer section. They are ideal for indoor and family entertainment centers.




Inflatable slides may be dry, wet, or both wet and dry just to facilitate the level of fun and adventure desired by the renter. These slides are designed in various ways according to their use, and the customers are extremely in love with them. The demand for them is extensive. Just to note, a dry slide does not carry humps or turns; while a wet slide may have humps and turns. The water makes this a possibility. Based on the accounts of countless kids around the globe, slides are colossally exhilarating and enjoyable. They are often used as pay-per-play at various events; the kids usually end up spending all they have without hesitation just to repeat the experience of the tremendous adventure afforded. Many children find taller slides to be thrilling. Those with double lanes facilitate excitement for kids with an interest in racing side by side. The slide being such a great attraction for children makes it very valuable to bouncer dealers. A wet or dry slide provides versatility; customers can rent it as a water slide in the summer and as a dry slide in the winter. It is suitable for any season. Wet and dry slides are generally provided in two pieces; there is the slide itself, and a detachable pool or landing mattress.


Obstacle Courses


Obstacle courses are awesome; they have totally transformed the usual inflatable and have taken the bouncer technology to a whole new level. They may include areas for jumping as well as pop-ups, ladders, slides, and other obstacles that will enable the highest degree of amusement ever afforded by a bouncer. They are colourful, engaging, and fun. They sometimes come equipped with obstacle courses that have dual lanes allowing for exciting competition between children. Obstacle courses are available in two types. The first kind has one entrance in the front, and an exit in the back. These are great for pay-per-pay, as it allows for easy recognition of who has finished, and who can enter next.  The next type has the start and finish, both in the front. This is otherwise called a 360-degree combo. This model of obstacle course makes it more convenient for parents or chaperones to monitor their kids at play, considering that the children enter and exit the unit in the same vicinity.


Interactive and Inflatable Games


Interactive and inflatable games are known to be a thrilling enticement for many bouncer lovers, especially sports enthusiasts. These models are ideal for those with a competitive spirit, and can make an event that is much more exciting through catering to the competitive mind. It can be deemed a very valuable attraction at various events, especially for the populous of older people. Interactive and inflatable games can be used for soccer, basketball, volleyball, boxing, jousting, and many more. This category of inflatables also includes units that are equipped with intoxicating zip lines and inflatable shooting galleries.


Bouncer Prices


As you would imagine, the cost of renting a bouncer varies according to the type, the size, the dealer/company, and the duration for which the device is required; even location may be considered when a cost is quoted. The bigger and more complex models are definitely more expensive, that is a given. Usually, bouncer rental dealers will rent their devices for four hours, eight hours or for an entire day; on less popular occasions, they may go up to a week. A bouncer rental can cost anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour. Renting a standard bounce house typically goes for $100 to $250 a day. Additionally, the more elaborate and complex bouncers usually go for $200 to $575 per day. Depending on the type of bouncer, special suits may be rented to improve the experience. It is important to note that bouncer rental companies will include a service charge and it is likely that in the case of an extensive distance between the dealer and a venue, the customer may incur an increase in charge. Keep in mind that a 50% down payment is usually required to secure a bouncer for the required time.


Safety Points


                  Safety must always be a priority when undertaking fun ventures. Bring your “A” game, but never forget to be proactive and vigilant in ensuring safety. It is important that you consider the following:

  1. Perform a thorough inspection of the bouncer when inflated; ensure that you are pleased with it before the company’s representative leaves the venue.
  2. Inquire about cleaning schedules and the type of cleaning agents used. If you are told it is clean, it should at least look and smell clean.
  3. Request that the rental company present insurance provisions that will offer coverage in case of any injuries that may occur due to bouncer related reasons.
  4. Ensure the bouncer is strategically placed to avoid any possible harm; keep sharp and hot objects at a distance.
  5. Be informed of how to properly use the bouncer. Ensure that every user complies, especially in the absence of an attendant. If you can, have an attendant present throughout the event to minimize the likelihood of an incident happening.
  6. Consider cancelling or postponing the rental of a bouncer for outdoor usage if very heavy rain is expected. Using a bouncer in the rain is not very safe. A tarp may be effective in the case of light rain. Follow the dealer’s policy for use during inclement weather.
  7. Keep in mind that efforts made to protect the bouncer typically reduces the likelihood of harm being done to the users. Be prepared to enforce the rules as stipulated by the bouncer rental company; for example, do not allow anyone to enter the bouncer in their footwear.




With all the information shared, you should have more confidence with your bouncer rental. Keep in mind the specifications of the event and your financial confines. There are tons of options to choose from; the bouncer that is best suited for your event is out there, somewhere. You can use this information to decide exactly what you want before interfacing with the dealer, this will make the hunt less time consuming and frustrating. Shop around until you find the deal you’re looking for. When you have found that deal, be sure to validate it. Think safety first, then proceed and have a fantastic event. All the best!